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JOBS | Status Classifications
Regular Full-time:  An employee who works MORE than 32 hours/week, with a prearranged regular work schedule, generally based on 52 weeks/year, and hired for an indefinite period of time. Regular Full-Time employees are eligible for benefits as set forth in this Policy. 
Regular Part-time:  An employee who works 32 hours/week or less, with prearranged regular work schedule generally based on 52 weeks/year and hired for an indefinite period of time. . Regular Part-Time employees are eligible for limited benefits as specifically set forth in this Policy and as required by law.  

Temporary Employee
Mixed Work:  Employees who work, under an appointment generally limited to one year or less and are generally expected to work a mixed work schedule, combining periods of full-time, part-time and intermittent tours of duty during the year.
Term:  Employees appointed to complete or assist with a particular project and then be terminated.
Intermittent:  Employees who do not have a prearranged regular work week, and are generally hired with the expectation that work will be ‘so sporadic and unpredictable that a tour of duty cannot be scheduled in advance.’
Seasonal Employees: Employees who work on an annual recurring basis for periods that are expected to last less than twelve months.

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