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The Loan Program is operated on a first-come, first-serve basis subject to the availability of funds.

AHA will maintain a list of eligible applicants based on the date and time the completed application is received.

If the funds are unavailable for the Loan Program, AHA may suspend or discontinue accepting applications until funds become available.

Down Payment
Aleutian Housing Authority
Second Mortgage Loan Program
Closing Costs
Interest Rate:
To buy down the amount of the first mortgage to a level that is affordable. Will be in the form of a loan that does not require monthly payments, but will be repaid in full, with interest, when the property is sold or transferred.
This Loan Program is designed to assist low-income families in purchasing or constructing a home. The program will help with the down payment and closing costs and is designed to make home mortgage payments more affordable.

Assistance Available:

Funds may be used to pay reasonable closing costs to a level that is affordable to the homeowner. Up to 5% of the sales price may be added to the loan to pay this cost.
Program Eligibility
  • Applicant must be Alaska Native / American Indian. 
  • Household income at or below 80% median income for the area, per HUD guidelines. 
  • Home location within The Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Region.
  • Successful completion of an AHA approved homeownership class. 
  • Must be able to obtain a mortgage loan with an eligible lender for the maximum affordable amount. 
  • Must be able to provide at least 1% of cash down from own assets. 
  • Must occupy residence as primary home and not own any other residential property. 
  • Single-family residence. 
Property Requirements
  • Must be of moderate design and the initial price cannot exceed the Total Development Costs as established by HUD. 
  • Pass a home inspection by an appraiser for Aleutian Housing Authority. 
  • If home is in a flood plan, flood plan insurance must be obtained in an adequate amount to cover first and second mortgage loan. 
  • Lead based paint prevention requirements apply.
  • A manufactured home qualifies only if:  
  • On a permanent foundation. 
  • Meets construction standards. 
  • Located on land that is fee-simple, land trust or long-term ground lease. 

If property is sold or transferred during the term of AHA's loan, a borrower who is qualified under the same requirements of this program may assume the loan.​

Waiting List
Assumption of Loan
For more information, simply fill out the "Request Information" 

  • 1% - At or below 30% median income 
  • 2% - 30% to 60% of median income 
  • 3% - 60% to 80% of median income 
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