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Aleutian Housing Authority - Section 3
The purpose of Section 3 is to make HUD-financed employment and economic opportunities available to low-income residents. Under AHA's Section 3 program, there are multiple requirements for every contract. Hiring and Contracting are both covered under Section 3. Section 3 does not apply to supply & delivery contracts or purchasing. The requirements for Section 3 are outlined in HUD’s 24 CFR 135.

There is a 30% new hire Section 3 target that also applies to both Prime Contractors and Subcontractors. 

Where possible, Prime Contractors are required to subcontract 10% of the total contract value for construction contracts and 3% of the total contact value for all other contracts to Section 3 Businesses.  

What is a Section 3 Business Concern?

A Section 3 Business concern is a business concern under HUD Regulations:
 (1) 51 percent or more owned by Section 3 residents; or 

(2) Whose permanent, full-time employees include persons, at least 30 percent of whom are currently Section 3 residents, or within three years of the date of first employment with the business concern were Section 3 residents; or 

(3) That provides evidence of a commitment to subcontract in excess of 25 percent of the dollar award of all subcontracts to be awarded to business concerns that meet the qualifications set forth in paragraphs (1) or (2) in this definition of “Section 3 business concern”.

 Section 3 Applicant Certification Form
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HUD 2018 Income Limits for Aleutians East & West Census Areas
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DISCLAIMER:  Submitting an applicant profile for Section 3 Employment Opportunities is not a guarantee of employment,  All employment is based on job openings and qualification is based. 
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AHA does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and Americans with Disabilities Acts and provides equal housing opportunities as applicable.  

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Income limits Notification:  11/29/18
Income limits reviewed:     11/29/18
 Section 3 Business Certification  Form
Dowload fillable Applicant Profile - Certification Form