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Foma Boru, the project lead, traveled to St. George island this week in advance of the asbestos removal contractor.  Foma's focus while on site will be in detailing the chimney and dimensioning flashing/caps for use on roofs when they are re-shingled.  He will also detail roof jacks at plumbing and vent penetrations and set up the work and living spaces for the crew.  Finally, he will inventory materials already on site in anticipation of the work. 
St. George Lead Abatement and Housing Stabilization Project
Project Manager | John Santos
AHA's Project Lead, Foma Boru, is headed to St. George Island. 
AHA's Project Lead, Foma Boru, is headed to St. George Island. 
We have started!.  The Lead Based Paint and Asbestos Subcontractor, CEI, a contractor with Tanana Commercial Company, LLC (TCC) is now on site and working with our Lead, Foma Boru to begin the identified hazardous materials in preparation of the needed roof replacements.  

Work Activities in progress 
  • Removal of LBP contaminated fascia materials
  • Shingle debris is packaged for disposal and stored in empty shipping containers in preparation of removal from the community
  • Waterproof membrane installed over house
  • On- site AHA crew is working on shingling roof with 50% of the work being completed


Work Activities in progress:  
On-site AHA crew has installed the waterproof membrane and flashing on roof.
AHA crew ill begin shingling next