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Aleutian Housing Authority Weatherization(Wx) Program
The purpose of the Wx Program is to make homes energy efficient as well as reduce energy costs. Weatherization through AHA focuses on the weatherization of low to medium income homes in 10 Aleutian Pribilof Islands communities, including: Akutan, Atka, Dutch Harbor / Unalaska, False Pass, King Cove, Nelson Lagoon, Nikolski, St. George Island, St. Paul Island, and Sand Point. 

Currently Wx program is limited funded for 2024.  Currently AHA is addressing the waitlist.  
AHA plans to replace oversized and inefficient boilers in eligible homes, which alone will reduce energy consumption significantly. The program will also focus on air-sealing, window and door replacements (as appropriate), re-insulating, moisture control for mold prevention, skirting and vapor barriers, and repairs related to weatherization.

The WX program is not a repair program and upgrades must relate to energy conservation, health, or safety. The Wx program is separate from the Rebate program. The Rebate program is a reimbursement program. Interested applicants must work directly with AHFC. The first step is to get your name on their list for an assessor. To do so call 1-877-AKRebate (1-877-257-3228). 

Both the Rebate Program and the Weatherization Program are funded by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation(AHFC) but only the Weatherization Program is a FREE GRANT PROGRAM supporting low to medium income households. All upgrades are based on the level of efficiency established by the Wx Assessor's report

  • Reduces drafts increasing comfort and safety, healthier, more durable, more comfortable, and more affordable homes. 
  • Resident health and safety are improved by reducing problems such as respiratory irritants, carbon monoxide, excess moisture, and mold. 
  • Mitigation of additional health and safety conditions, such as: furnace repair or replacement, chimney and wood stove repairs, unsafe lighting repairs, other minor electrical repairs, and provision of egress windows during bedroom window replacement. 
  • Replacing unsafe heating systems prevents fires or dangerous release of carbon monoxide, as well as increased energy efficiency and home affordability. 
  • Client education is an important way to inform clients of how their homes work, how to maintain weatherized homes, conserve energy, and helps to prioritize future improvements.

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WX is the science of making a dwelling more energy-efficient by making improvements that may result in a return on investment in the form of reduced energy consumption, reduced energy costs, and/or increased comfort and durability of the dwelling. This program is funded by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC).

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