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Aleutian Housing Authority 
Akutan Low Rent
Atka - Single-Family House
AHFC Professional Duplex - Ptarmigan 2
Atka - the old house, just down the hill
Atka New Construction - on with the siding
AHFC funded Professional Duplex - Teamwork in action
False Pass Elder Rehab - a before look
False Pass Elder Rehab in the making
King Cove - Ground Source Heat
Unalaska, Alaska  |New Single Family Home
Unalaska Single-Family Home
Current Assisted Stock (CAS) rehabs
Akutan 4-Plex Siding Project 

No active projects

Sand Point
New construction of the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Design House.  On going Weatherization activities
HLRP projects

Completion of New Construction of 2 Single-Family Homes 2017
New Construction of a Single-Family Home - 2017

False Pass
No projects at this time

St. George Island
Assessment of homes for rehabs

King Cove
New Construction of  2 Single Family Houses; 
King Cove Senior Living Center 
Weatherization activities

St. Paul Island
Weatherization activities 

Nelson Lagoon 
No active projects 

New construction of a single family home. CAS and Senior Center Bathroom rehabs
HLRP projects

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Stabilized Rammed Earth Project (SRE) | Palmer, Alaska

If designed correctly a rammed earth home can lower heating and cooling bills substantially. More and more people are discovering the benefits of living in a home that is not only friendlier to the environment, but healthier, more durable and more cost effective as well. Yes, rammed earth homes cost more to build initially, but the savings in utility bills lasts for a lifetime. What is greener than earth?  Check out the video of our Rammed Earth Project. 

Construction Activity & Project Gallery