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Mutual Help Homeownership Program
There are currently 168 homes managed by AHA under the Mutual Help Homeownership Program. Families under the MH program enter into a Mutual Help Agreement (MHOA) that specifies the purchase price of the home that is amortized over a twenty-five year period. 

Families pay 15% of monthly adjusted income, with a minimum monthly payment of $150. All payments above the minimum monthly payment (also called the administrative fee), are deposited into a Monthly Equity Payments Account (MEPA) that is used to pay down the unamortized balance of the purchase price. When the total of the funds in the MEPA account is equal to the unamortized balance of the purchase price, the home is conveyed to the family. 

Occasionally, one of these homes becomes available to a qualified Alaska Native / American Indian. Available homes will be posted at the local Tribal and City offices as well as the Aleutian Housing Authority Website under the Available Unit Postings page.

We are responsible and answerable to each other, those we serve and those who have entrusted us with resources to carry out our mission.
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AHA does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and Americans with Disabilities Acts and provides equal housing opportunities as applicable.  

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